Emergence Class #11

2013 Spring Emergence Class 11 is a great example of a Multi-Generational team working together to make a difference in the community.  The class stays connected by email and has a goal to physically meet once a quarter for either lunch or breakfast.  The meeting is a social visit where they share about their jobs and what they have been doing since their last gathering.

The group collectively agrees that they have developed a friendship and many think about the group daily.  Liz Ludwick has been their cheerleader and one touch that Liz has sparked the group to appreciate and adapt is the value and importance of handwriting notes and sending cards.  The group utilizes their connection for networking and have found opportunities to enhance resources within the group.  They refer to this as a professional networking channel.  Jason Armbrust (Financial Planner) has built trust with the group and many seek him out for financial needs.  Stephen Hunter coordinates the group gatherings.  In the Spring of 2014 the class came together to impact their community under the direction of classmate Dorica Watson.  Dorica works with Circles: Team work for Better Living.  Circles helps people work to immerge from poverty.  Class 11 came together and prepared dinner at a Circles monthly meeting.  It is a goal of Class 11 to complete two community projects a year.

Advice from 2013 Spring Emergence Class 11: Write notes to people, meet neighbors, engage, be open and sharing a personal story brings connections.

Take a ways from their experience participating in the Emergence program: They better understand themselves, they took the challenge to build relationships in their community and even if you are not a leader in your community, you can still lead.