It’s Time For Your Time

by: Dr. Joe Misiewicz

Emeritus Chair of the Department of Telecommunications at Ball State University and                                      Facilitator for Shafer Leadership Academy

Well another day pondering what to do, what needs to get done what I want to do and yes, what I have to do.

Managing one’s time is often challenging and given the current situation we are facing there appears to be friends contacting me about time management tips. Before tossing out some tips allow me to say ‘thanks’ to the Shafer Leadership Academy team for not hunkering down at home but for keeping their various leadership tips alive via digital media.

One Calendar

Take a moment and open your calendar whether it be paper or on a digital device. By the way there should only be ‘one’ calendar. In your calendar should be the following:

At least once during a day your name should appear as “Your Time” and you should use that 30 minutes (minimum) 45 (maximum) for you. You need to write your name in the calendar and set the timer 15 or 30 minutes prior to remind you of your time. Go read, plug in music, look out the window, take a short walk, set up a hobby but simply make sure this is your time. Write a poem, tinker with a board game knowing you don’t have to finish, do a cross-word, This applies to those working from home as well as those continuing to go to the office or work environment. We all need ‘our time’.

It is also possible one day a week to share ‘your’ time with a good friend and both of you note that in the calendar so rather than say ‘we’ll keep in touch’ you actually will keep in touch.

Check Routines

Check ‘routines’ carefully. We tend to save ‘chores’ for weekends. Weekends should be for family, friends and us not for chores. Do laundry first thing in the morning and fold it while watching a show you enjoy or chatting with a friend via the phone. Try to end phrases like “Wednesdays are for cleaning floors”, “Saturdays are laundry days” and “Friday nights are for grocery shopping”. Flip these days around.

For work, carefully check what is absolutely due Monday and maybe Tuesday morning. Try to get it wrapped up by mid to late afternoon Friday so your weekend is your weekend. Given the current situation it appears many are absorbing themselves in work simply because they are not sure what else to do. It is clear that working from home consumes time but many note it does not seem to take as much time as actually being in an office. Adjust accordingly.

It is time to load your calendar with ‘your time’ and make it a different time daily!  

Still Juggling?

For those still juggling, here is a short version of managing one’s time:

  1. What has to be done in 48 hours? Focus and do it.
  2. What would be nice to tidy up and get it done? Do these in stages knowing they’ll get done during the week. Check projects ‘you’ve’ thought about but never quite got to doing it and do it in segments knowing by week’s end it will be done.
  3. Oh look! This looks interesting and I think I’ll drift and….NO…go back to number 1 and 2 above.

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